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16-20th November 2016 – Mortágua, Portugal
5 Day Tai Chi intensive
Learn Chen 18 (short form) in 5 days with professor Johan Duquet, student of Master Fu Ningben, of the direct Chen lineage.


Resident teacher in Valencia, Spain for the last 12 years, Johan Duquet teaches CHEN TAIJI QUAN in the direct lineage of Grandmaster CHEN Zhenglei as taught by MASTER FU NENGBIN in China; using their methods to teach a complete curriculum that ranges from meditation to self-defense.

Johan teaches seminars on Taiji and pushhands in among other places Spain, Belgium, Uk, Slovenia & China. As a competitor he has obtained several prizes in China competing in both Taiji forms and Pushhands

Learn in a peaceful environment in rural central portugal, a thriving area of natural beauty.
Learning the whole form intensively over 5 days will allow you to assimilate the movements and the energy with great effect.
Johan is an expert practitioner and his knowledge of the theory behind the moves will give an added dimension and understanding to the form.

No ano 2012 desloquei-me a Valência , Espanha, para participar pela primeira vez a um seminário de Tai Chi com o mestre Fu Nengbin, e foi aí que conheci pessoalmente o professor Johan Duquet, o organizador do evento. Após esse ano, tive a sorte de poder fazer alguns treinos de Tai Chi e um curso sobre Tui Shou ministrado por ele. As aulas dadas seguem uma ordem lógica de progressão, com explicações claras para poder acompanhar sem dificuldade.

Para mim o professor Johan Duquet é um praticante de Tai Chi acima da média, um excelente professor, que mantém-se sempre actualizado e procura aprofundar os seus conhecimentos. Defino como uma pessoa muito profissional, com uma boa metodologia de treino e bastante acessível para quem queira aprender Tai Chi estilo Chen da linhagem do Grão-Mestre Chen Zhenglei.

Domingos Antunes

Professor de Tai Chi

Porto   Portugal

In 2012 I travelled to Valencia, Spain to attend for the first time a Tai Chi seminar taught by Master Fu NengBin and this is where I met the teacher Johan Duquet, who was hosting this event. Later I was lucky to be able to join several Tai Chi training sessions and a seminar on Tuishou taught by him. The classes followed a logical progression with clear explications making it easy to follow.

For me teacher Johan Duquet is an above average Taiji practitioner and an excellent teacher who is always evolving and looking to deepen his knowledge. I consider him to be a very professional teacher who uses good training methods and is very open to those looking to learn Chen style Tai Chi of Grandmaster Chen ZhengLei”s lineage

Domingos Antunes

Tai Chi teacher, Porto, Portugal

Es un maestro chapo cada instante con el mejoras sabe analizar a cada persona para que esta evolucione ,y como persoona muy grande tiene el corazon.

He is an amazing Master with whom you improve every moment spent; he can analyze anyone and see what each person needs to grow and is just a great person with a golden heart.


Naxo De La Encina

Gold medallist in Pushhands at The 6th World Cup Taichichuan Championship Taiwan, 2016

Johan, our good taichi brother, has developed variety of experiences in different soft martial arts. We were privileged to have him in Slovenia for a few push hands seminars. He was also hosting international teachers class at the occasion of our taichi Master Fu Nengbin’s visit in Valencia. We were always enjoying his lecturing skills, a good humor and a soft touch of a personal friendship. His seminars were always a good inspiration for further practice.

Marco & Dragi


From meditation to self-defense
Johan with Master Fu Nengbin
Some lessons will be outside
If the weather is appropriate
Direct Chen lineage
Small class size
Limited to 10 people

“Johan Duquet es un excelente profesional del Taijiquan, su pasión por este arte lo demuestra en la calidad de su enseñanza, mostrando una profundización en el entendimiento de la técnica y un destacado conocimiento de las aplicaciones marciales y de las diferentes modalidades de Tui Shou.”

Johan Duquet is an excellent Taijiquan professional, his passion for this art is reflected in the quality of his teachings, showing a profound understanding of the techniques and an exceptional knowledge on martial applications and the different formats of Tui Shou.

Alex Mieza ‘Zī Xiǎo’ 资晓
16th Generation Wudang Sanfeng Pai

Alex Mieza

Martial arts teacher

“Después de haber asistido a varios cursos impartidos por Johan Duquet, destacaría tanto su gran conocimiento técnico como gran capacidad didáctica. En sus cursos , bien estructurados y conducidos , se hace evidente una minuciosa preparación previa enfocada a hacer llegar a los alumnos a la comprensión de las bases del taichi/tuishou. Johan es el profesor más indicado para los alumnos que quieran ir mas allá de una mera memorización de formas,patrones y técnicas. Gran persona y gran profesor! Javier Adsuara Técnico deportivo 3Dan wushu -taichi(RFJDA)”


After having attended several seminars taught by Johan Duquet I would underline both his deep technical knowledge and great teaching skills. It is obvious that his seminars, which are well structured and lead, have been prepared meticulously in order to lead the students to an understanding of the essentials of Taichi/Tuishou. Johan is the go to teacher for students who want more than just memorizing forms, patterns and techniques. A great person and a great teacher!

Javier Adsuara

3rd degree Dan wushu -taichi(RFJDA)

Chen style Tai Chi
The Chen family-style
Is the oldest and parent form of the five traditional family styles.
Chen Zhenglei (born 15 May 1949)
Is a 19th generation of the Chen family and 11th generation direct-line successor of Chen Family Taijiquan.
Master Fu Nengbin
Since 1999 he has assisted his master, Chen Zhenglei in teaching Chen Style Taiji and Push Hands at international seminars.
Johan Duquet
Student of Master Fu Nengbin and teacher at Shen YI Valencia for the last 12 years.
A complete martial system
And a comprehensive form of exercise that promotes fitness, co-ordination, and relaxation.
Tai Chi stimulates the body and calms the mind,
resulting in a balanced outlook and an overall improved sense of well being.
When practicing Tai Chi
The practitioner’s consciousness, breathing, and actions are all closely connected.
Tai Chi exercises stimulate blood circulation
As well as improving strength and muscle control and help to improve health, co-ordination, and posture promoting general fitness and weight loss.
Tai Chi. Give yourself the gift of relaxation and body connection and meet some new friends. Reserve your place today.

We can arrange accommodation for you from €30 per night at a beautiful hotel nearby, rated 9.5 on There is also a 5* luxury spa hotel 15 minutes away.

Vegetarian lunch is available or choose a 3-course meal with drinks and coffee at a local restaurant, daily menu is €7.50 all inclusive.

2 day Weekend only option

  • For those that can’t make the full 5 days, or for those who wish to refresh their knowledge of the form.

A message from the organiser.

I studied most days with Johan at his school in Valencia for 1 month, after evaluating schools in that part of Spain. I had a great time learning and hanging out with Johan and his students there. Having given myself the opportunity by taking the time away from work, the practice helped me to feel healthier and stronger and also calmer and more focused mentally.  Johan is a great teacher and dedicated to this art form, so please come visit us in beautiful Portugal, near Mortágua for a 5 day (or just 2 if you can only make the weekend) T’ai Chi seminar. If you love t’ai chi or you just want to create some space in your life to improve your health this is a great opportunity. You will also get to learn the practical self-defense applications of the movements and learn about breathing and posture. Johan is a great guy and I’m sure for all of us who attend, it’s going to be really good fun, I’m very excited! I hope to see you there soon. Matt.

Matt Rutherford
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